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by Planted

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released August 29, 2019




Planted Denver, Colorado

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Track Name: To Music
Music and money
Power and peace
The world and me
Planted flowers
Minutes to hours,
The people I see
What's wild and new
Starts to feel untrue
You feel older today
Your words on paper
Your tone in a text
The greed inside of me
A flag in the wind
A tree cut down and missed
The home you keep
Why did you say that
You wanted to pave the way for a break?
The street you live
The city you give
Your entire heart to
The clothes you wear
The bands you stare at
In a basement
Could tear the city down
Rely on a time
When you felt alive
Rock and roll save your life
In a strangers home
Where you found your soul
A glimpse into the unknown
A voicemail left
You feel it in your chest
You don't think about her anymore
At least not tonight
Track Name: Angel In My Dreams
You said time was how you spend your love
Well then why is all my time still spent thinking of
An angel in my dreams
Walking - but away from me
A love that I knew had to leave
Angel walking in my dreams

I found time
Despite the glaring truth
Love can blind
When it's dancing in front of you
Mystic light
Moving in a blue room
Lost my mind
Now I cannot find you

But I thought love would make things right
Oh but I was wrong again

I believed in the lie
Surrender to that foolish need
The beauty of life becomes completely unbearable to me
Well I thought I could find
Clarity, Truth, and Meaning
With an angel on my side
But I was only dreaming

But I thought love could make things right
But I thought time was on our side
Oh but I was wrong again

Angel in my dreams

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