Mystic Daisy

by Planted

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"Mystic thought
Mystic song
Mystic time
Mystic Daisy"


released December 5, 2019

Recorded, performed & mixed by AP Fiedler
Thank you to Dan Gilbert




Planted Denver, Colorado

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Track Name: Tambourine (Wild Summer)
I found truth
Is only what matters most to you
There's a fire in my head
It reminds me of you
I let fade out of view

There's a wild summer sun
But the spring has just begun
In the whisper of the trees
Like a lie you told me
At least it was sort of fun?

I found myself
Hiding deep within song
I watched you play the beat
On the tambourine
Like a wild dream

Mystic conversation lost
As you fade into the blue
Tangled inside of a memory
Of a person I thought I knew
To be true

In a yellow dress she spoke to you
A woman you never knew
She said I'm leaving somewhere soon
With my baby too
I found truth
Oh, a wild summer blooms

Mystic conversation lost
As you fade in and out of view
Tangled inside of a memory
Of a person I thought I knew
To be true

Oh, Frankie you are free to me
As I watch you play the tambourine
Wild summer still holds me
And I wish I was
Track Name: Illusion
Let the Illusion cast a single fragment down
Daylight found it's way into the room somehow
I found anger hiding deep inside of me
Cast a shadow on to unsuspecting grief

Let the silence be interrupted now
Tragedy forgives itself like I never knew how
Sometimes all the beauty that I see
Is unbearable is embarrassing to me
Oh I found an ugliness in me
And I wanna know what that means
To case a shadow on to grief

When I was younger I thought I was clean
When I was a child I thought I thought I was a king
Let the Illusion plant a seed
And pray for it to be
Something greater than me

Heaven, you're probably a lonely place
Which way will death take my hand?
Stay inside, you're just a child
This place feels so far from home
Track Name: Mariah
Goodbye Mariah
You brought the sun into my room
Drinking in the silence of wild love,
A truth that I think we both knew

Goodbye Mariah
Was it something that I just couldn't see?
Loving you was tragic
Oh, I let myself believe in
A dream that I knew had to leave

I knew I was wrong
So I hid inside of a song

I found beauty blooming in your place
I saw you had every reason in this world to finally leave

Goodbye Mariah
Those who love my they will say
"The ones who matter most will never really go away"
And I wonder if that's such a good thing

Goodbye Mariah
I'm in the palm of your hand
Little tiger dancing now
To the secret we had found
And I know where I am

I found beauty buried in a strange place
Take everything away
And as I watch the light across your face
Oh Mariah,
You had every reason to get up and leave this fucking place
Track Name: Alone
Hand around my head
I was a child then
When Mariah finally left
I was alone

Wild setting sun
Were you born in it?
Abandon this place
And we would roam

Ritual is lost to Time again
What illusion cast my spirit into stone?

Renegotiate the feeling when
Isolation only grows

To be alone
Was it magic or a curse to be alone?

What powerful force has brought you here?
What song does your spirit want to sing?

Learn to feel afraid of nearly everything
Sometimes isolation
Is what will guide you home

Fall in love,
You are no longer afraid

I fell in love with music, once
But what's left after the song comes to an end?

To be alone
What illusion cast my spirit into stone?
To be alone
Was it magic or a curse?
To be alone
Track Name: Power
Force the hand
Of the knot you tie
Bleeds the pigment dry
Oh, time bleached the beauty bland

What I call life
And what we call love
Is this enough,
Of this emptiness inside?

I was not around when it first hit the ground
But the echo of bad love goes on
Even after the melody was gone

We got mad at the mess we made
What as left to say,
After our love turned bad?

Normal life
What an evil lie
I was careless
I was living free of doubt
It was like loving something you never really cared about

I was not around when it first hit the ground
But there is a momentum - there is a power
As we watched our bad love turn sour

Even after time replaced comfort embrace of song
Oh, the echo of bad love goes on

On and on
Track Name: Hero (Enemy)
Take what you believe in
Turn those thoughts back in
To your own head

The scene became like a jealous friend
My own villain
My enemy

I was involved
I perfected a worthless skill

In the mirror I saw everyone else
But I was busy staring at myself

At least now,
I'm a hero?

Repeat everything
You ever said to me
All at the same

Oh, confess your love for me
But I was speaking to something
Too big to see

I was a fool
Ever to believe

No matter the love that I give
To the city
It's still just a machine

So why
Don't I have it all?
Tell me why
Don't deserve it all?

Because I'm a

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